Quit Smoking


Tips On How To Stop Smoking

Smoking is a physical and psychological addiction, and because of that, quitting smoking is a tough process. But it can happen and happens every day. The problem is, people also become new smokers every day.It is obvious enough that cigarettes kill. Secondhand smoke can even harm your loved ones. Take these steps and implement them immediately to quit smoking and help you quit smoking naturally.Live a healthy life and treat your body with respect.

Quit Date Establishedb htbhby

Set a date on your calendar in which you are going to Start trying to quit and stick to it. Prepare for that day by trying to make cutbacks. Make a date in the very near future. If the date is too far along, you may lose your motivation to quit. About two weeks is a good quit date to establish. Try smoking one less cigarette during the first week and two fewer cigarettes during the second week. Therefore, by your third week(start date), you have a little extra already devoted to the hellish journey of quitting forever.

Try Candy Or Gum

This is pretty much the most popular tip when it comes to quitting smoking. But it works.If you have never tried this route, I recommend you do so.At least gum or candy have a decent taste, rather than cigarettes.

Try Delaying

If you think you need a cigarette right this second, wait. Build a little self-discipline and wait 10 minutes after you get that craving. After a few times of doing that, increase your wait duration by 5 minutes. Do that a few more times and increase your wait duration by another 5 minutes. See how that works for you. Maybe use that 10 or 5 minutes to chew a gum stick.


hbugbubtgbThere are so many benefits you can receive from proper exercise, and I could write an entire article about them and still have enough information left over to question if I should do a second one or not.But relating to quitting smoking, if you exercise, you will sweat.Sweating is an excellent way to release nicotine from your body.Sweat that nasty stuff out.Plus, exercise makes you feel amazing.You may not feel the need to smoke a cigarette after exercising just from the pure feeling of awesomeness.

Remind Yourself Your Reason For Wanting To Quit

If things ever get tough, remember why you wanted to quit in the first place! How important are those reasons? Don’t just think of the reasons. Write them down and say them out loud! At the end of reading your list of reasons repeat, “I Will Quit”! You may have many reasons to quit smoking: to feel better, to be healthier, to save money, to reduce the chances of loved ones getting secondhand smoke, to live longer, to please a spouse, etc.